What Day is Christmas 2016 This Year | History Information & Celebration in USA

What Day is Christmas 2016 This Year | History & Celebration – Christmas festival is one of the prominent and prevailing festivals which is enjoyed and celebrated each and every year by Christian community across the world. The day is noted to be celebrated on 25th December which is an annual festival commemorating and solemnizing the birth of Lord Jesus. It is a worldwide festival where all the people indulge themselves every year. People enjoy and relish this memorable day in different ways depending upon their own concept and rituals with the significance of the day.

Christmas 2016
Christmas 2016

What Day is Christmas 2016 This Year

Christmas 2016 – Unlike other festivals and events, Christmas festival too carries and has adapted many traditions and customs which are being passed on by our family members. Even the traditions, customs and rituals vary with diversity in culture the main aspect of the celebration is common and unique throughout the world. The day brings lot of happiness and pleasure which provides satisfaction and contentment among friends and family members. Children’s and kids enjoy the festival with lot of amusement and exuberance as it is a weekend holiday for them. This year Christmas festival will be celebrated on Sunday 25th December 2016 to enjoy the holiday with family members, friends and closed ones.

History of Christmas

Christmas History – Christmas festival is mainly celebrated to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. The day is followed from over two millennia which is associated with religious and secular celebration with the involvement of Christian and Pagan traditions into it. It has its origin from the western world with the birth of Jesus Christ on 25th December since AD 354 which was replaced by earlier date of 6th January. Along with the Christmas day there also originated mid-winter festivals in ancient Babylon and Egyptian countries. It was a birth of ancient sun-god Attis in the city of Phrygia which was celebrated on 25th December. In Rome the roman community celebrated the festival as Saturnalia dedicated to Saturn which is a god of peace and plenty ,enjoyed between 17th to 24th December. But it was in the middle ages new Christmas traditions and customs were accepted the most prominent contribution was that of the carol which in the 14th Century got associated with the religious observance of Christ birth.

Christmas Celebration in USA (Information)

Christmas Celebration – Christmas festival is the big event in the nation which is associated with various and delightful events and activities. US citizens welcome Christmas by decorating exteriors and interiors of their house with colored lights, angels, stars, tinsels along with strands of electric light. People travel to wish and greet family members or friends on this auspicious Christmas Eve. Many of them set up beautiful Christmas tree in their houses. For kids and children’s it is the most enjoyable day as schools and other educational institutions remain closed on that day. It is a tradition to have a Christmas Dinner which includes roast turkey, ham, potatoes and pies. Cakes and desserts are also being served after Christmas meal. Entire country is delighted with the occasion as many of them organize party events to enjoy with friends.