Your Girlfriends Arms – Top Tips on Winning Her Back

If you are convinced that you and your ex are ‘meant to be’ then planning the initial stages of winning her affections back is a critical stage. It is undoubtedly a complex process trying to regain the affections of your ex girlfriend, which will of course vary hugely from relationship to relationship. However there are proven psychological techniques that will help to make your ex girlfriend want you back!

Before you consider employing tactics such as flirting with other women you need to ensure you have given yourself sufficient time to heal emotionally so that you are in control and calm. Women to not respond to desperate, needy and insecure men. Do not feel disheartened by this, you just need to give yourself time to to regain a clear head and heart before the fun begins. The idea of flirting may seem a bizarre strategy that goes against your instincts for winning your true love back, however, there are several benefits that are worth considering:

Flirting with a new person increases your confidence to help support you take action with your ex girlfriend. Flirting actually activates your adrenaline and nervous system which causes your blood flow to increase. This whole physical process is a great way to boost your ego and physical confidence in order to win back your ex.
Flirting also allows you to exercise new techniques of chatting to the opposite sex. Lets face it you will need to do more than slip into your old ways to win her back.
Flirting will also give you a chance to get her jealous and realise how much she misses you. A word of Niteflirtfindomme though you need to ensure that you carefully manage the flirting and ensure it is just innocent flirting as showing too much physical affection for another lady will be counter productive.
The art of flirting is a fun and effective way to make your ex realise she wants you back.

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